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Bodies, technologies and automation

We live in a world where data-driven algorithmic systems are increasingly automating decision making processes. At the same time, we have less and less agency over our devices which are becoming increasingly closed and locked down. Ultimately, we want to know—how do we ask better questions about technology and its impact on our everyday life?

Images: Laura Merrill

Event Programme

Northern Sound Collective are hosting a week long event as part of Leeds International Festival. 

We aim to bring together twenty academics, artists and technologists to collaboratively develop new works in an intensive making period across two days. Through the events we aim to explore themes of bodies, technologies and automation. Outcomes are open, but could take the form of a performance, video, installation, manifesto, game, sound work, sculpture or zine

This will include a two day hackathon, workshops and a symposium. Through these events, attention is drawn to the body and its relations with automation by examining themes such as authorship, accountability, agency, bias and openness.